In summer 2018, we plan to open Sõrve lighthouse to visitors. Keep your fingers crossed for our team and help our dream come true!

We will create an exciting and long-awaited attraction for tens of thousands of visitors.

Everyone should have the chance to admire this stunning setting with their own eyes: Sõrve, the sea and Latvia looming on the horizon. Sõrve lighthouse is an outstanding landmark and a symbol that can bring happiness to many with the beautiful views it offers. Repeatedly damaged in wars, the lighthouse has been restored time and again and is the tallest in the Baltic region, standing at 52 metres. We hope to open the lighthouse to visitors in time for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Contact and Information

MTÜ Sõrve Külastuskeskus
Registration No. 80276472
Tuletorni complex, Sääre Village, Torgu Rural Municipality, Saaremaa 93249
Phone: +372 564 721 04
Fax: +372 644 4416
Contact person: Andro Roosileht
Member of Management Board of MTÜ Sõrve Külastuskeskus